Digitalisation calls for responsibility

Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) is the organisational policy of assuming responsibility in the age of digital transformation. It is a decisive factor in shaping the process of digitalisation for the common good and ensuring it serves the best interests of citizens.

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Women in Tech - Inspiring newcomers to IT
1 December, 4:00-4:45 pm

a talk by Dr. Frederike Fritzsche, Tech Ambassador and Lead WomenInTech & developHER, OTTO

The event series “Impetus for CDR” shines the spotlight on various aspects of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) in regular events.

Was ist CDR

Taking on responsibility together

The Initiative

In 2018, the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection launched the CDR Initiative. Together with our members, we develop recommendations for action for a responsible approach to digital transition.

The CDR Code

Guidelines make responsible action credible. And concrete measures make it visible. The CDR Code contains guiding principles and objectives that the members of the CDR Initiative have committed to.

CDR News

Questions around CDR permeate all areas of life and the economy. The Initiative sets itself the aim of providing ideas and encouraging others to follow in its example.

Digital ethics as a factor for success