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CDR Code and Reports

Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) is the organisational policy of assuming responsibility in the age of digital transformation. It is a decisive factor in shaping the process of digitalisation for the common good and ensuring it serves the best interests of citizens. CDR thus promotes a sustainable development.

The CDR Initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety is a learning and exchange platform for committed companies. The aim of the Initiative is to ensure that digital responsibility becomes a normal part of day-to-day business for companies in all sectors. With the , the members of the CDR Initiative commit themselves to guiding principles and undertake to pursue the objectives highlighted in the various CDR fields of action, to aim for continuous improvement in the effectiveness of their actions and to report on the corresponding measures.

In their reports, the member companies of the CDR Initiative demonstrate how they assume their responsibility in the digitalisation by means of concrete measures. The reports focus on measures that go beyond legal requirements or implement them in a particularly consumer-friendly way. In this way, other companies - also beyond the circle of members - are to receive suggestions for continuous further development and exchange. Interested consumers will also gain insights into CDR projects in different business areas.

The respective companies are solely responsible for the content of the reports.

The reports must include at least one measure per target; omissions are only possible with justification. The objectives contained in the Code are not independent of each other; measures can therefore contribute to several objectives at the same time and be listed in several places.

The CDR reports were first published on 5 July 2022. Below are the current reports from 2023. The reports will be published every two years.

Please note that the CDR reports are published in German only.

BARMER published on 6. Jul 2023 Download View Deutsche Telekom published on 6. Jul 2023 Download View DKB AG published on 6. Jul 2023 Download View ING published on 6. Jul 2023 Download View Otto Group published on 6. Jul 2023 Download View Telefonica published on 6. Jul 2023 Download View Weleda AG published on 6. Jul 2023 Download View Zalando - 2023 published on 6. Jul 2023 Download View

If you are interested in the previous year's reports, you'll find them in the archive.

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