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CDR Initiatives members publish their latest reports

6. Jul 2023 - Announcement

The members of the CDR Initiative have undertaken to comply with and pursue the principles and goals of the CDR Code in various fields of action. In addition, they report annually on the measures they have implemented. The current reports are now available. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Designing and living corporate digital responsibility is an ongoing task for organisations. Digitalisation is advancing rapidly, so the measures for taking responsibility must also be constantly developed.

The members of the CDR initiative take this into account by now updating the reports first published in 2022.

The great of measures shows that CDR is supported and carried out by many shoulders in the membership organisations. It is impressive to see how the organisational anchoring improves with the growing portfolio of measures.

You can find the latest reports here. We hope that the reports will inspire you and encourage you to participate in digital responsibility! Please feel free to share your feedback with us!

Do you have any questions or feedback? If you are interested in the work of the initiative or in the reports, please contact the office of the CDR Initiative!

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