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Digital skills for senior citizens

7. Sep 2021 - Telefonica
Digitalisation is taking hold in more and more areas of our everyday lives. At the same time, the proportion of older people in society is also increasing. Yet these two trends are not always compatible. An educational project shows possible solutions.
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Video conferences, online forms, tele-health: there is hardly a single area of life that has not been changed by digitalisation. This affects all people in society, including those who have difficulties using digital services because, for example, they grew up with books instead of e-books.

And this is precisely where the project “Digital mobil im Alter” (“Digital and mobile as senior citizens”) aims to help. In cooperation with the Digital Opportunities Foundation, Telefónica organises workshops and provides end-devices for senior citizens, allowing them to discover the digital world, and thereby encouraging greater participation.

This project focusses primarily on educational aspects: Informing people and making them aware of the opportunities as well as the risks of the online world. This includes strengthening media skills and encouraging citizens to have confidence in their own abilities.

With the help of tablet PCs, the aim is to allow this target group to experience just how user-friendly mobile devices can be and to get to know what broad possibilities the internet offers. The chance to try things out while also receiving guidance can help reduce any fears people may have when it comes to using new technology and the internet.

Find out more here (in German only).

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