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After the great success of the Digital Data Clean-Up last year, we are carrying out the campaign again in 2024 and are looking forward to further organisations to join the campaign.

14. Feb 2024 - Announcement

On the occasion of the 4th CDR Conference on 9 November 2023 in Berlin, a representative online survey was designed and conducted by the CDR Initiative office. The purpose of the survey was to identify the attitudes and needs of citizens with regard to the topic of human-centredness.

9. Nov 2023 - Announcement

The Digital Data Clean-Up is a joint campaign by various organisations as part of the CDR Initiative. The aim of the campaign is to encourage employees to clean up their data on hard drives, network drives, in email inboxes and in the cloud and to support them in doing so.

11. Sep 2023 - Announcement

The white paper "A clear stance against disinformation and hate speech! How companies can take responsibility and protect their business" outlines the negative effects of disinformation and hate speech in our society and addresses the question of what role companies can and should play based on how they are affected.

21. Jul 2023 - Publication

The CDR Initiative is delighted to welcome a new member: DKB has become a member of the initiative for corporate digital responsibility in July 2023. The initiative aims to strengthen responsible behaviour in the digital transformation.

12. Jul 2023 - Announcement

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